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IsoView plug-in
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IsoView makes it a lot easier to create isometric drawings. You can make iso projections of orthogonal views and have them extruded. Hidden lines are automatically removed!

You can also draw isometric projected lines and circles and use fillet & trim in isometric views (saves a lot of time).

free for v6.5x users $35.00

Optima32 plug-in
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Optima32 includes a lot of new features. Most impressing is the new hatching. Hatching has never been as simple and fast as now. The export problem is solved by creating the hatch as regular lines.

The included SameAs command is among the best around, with a whole new flexibility. This will let you draw even faster than before.

Included are also commands to flood fill (automatically create multipolys) areas, a powerful multi change command and a lot of new sheet functions.

free for v6.5x users $50.00

Dyn32 plug-in
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Dyn32 gives you extremely quick and easy object editing.

In standard FastCAD and EasyCAD, when you use Drag to move an object, you see the object moving on-screen as you move the mouse. This is called a dynamic cursor, and it takes the guess-work out of moving objects.

Dyn32 takes this idea of dynamic cursors, improves on it with shortcuts for controlled scaling and rotating, then applies it to the other editing functions. The result is a set of commands which are easier and quicker for you to use, without loosing precision.

free for v6.5x users $35.00

PK Explode32 plug-in
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Explode32 explodes (almost) any object to lines so your CAM-program can use them. Line length is adaptive to generate as few lines as possible. You have full control over tolerances.

This is useful for everybody who tries to get ellipses and splines into a CAM-program.

free for v6.5x users $25.00

File32 plug-in
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File32 adds preview and browse functionality to FastCAD. Select the drawing to load guided by a small bitmap with the contents of the file. This is the must have plug-in for everybody who doesn't remember the name of every single drawing file they have. (Who does?) You can preview any file format that FastCAD can open.

free for v6.5x users $35.00

Jpeg32 plug-in
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Jpeg32 adds export filters for JPEG and PNG bitmap files. With the plug-in installed you can use "Save As" to save the current drawing in JPEG or PNG format. Easy to publish on the web or send to your customer. The included WBS (write bitmap section) command will save part (a window) of the drawing as bitmap. The JPEG plug-in also supports large bitmaps.

free for v6.5x users $35.00

Text32 plug-in
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Text32 contains many new tools for placing, editing and exporting text.

For example, with PK Text you can change the justification, angle or size of text as you are placing it, or use arrows to increment numbers for rapid sequences of labels. You can find and replace blocks of text, or you can export text to an external file.

PK Text can also explode text into its basic lines and curves, which is perfect for logo work and text effects. Importantly, exploded text displays consistently on all systems and at all zoom scales, fixing problems with viewing and plotting True Type fonts (a problem caused by the font definition).

free for v6.5x users $35.00

Iso32 plug-in
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Iso32 - a must have for CNC users. You will be able to import a CNC file into the CAD-program. This is perfect for those who write optimized code by hand or want to document old programs. How many programs do you have in your drawers? Every one generating CNC codes need this module.

The Explode module is included in ISO!

free for v6.5x users $75.00


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