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Installation notes:
Download the correct zip file. Unzip (extract) the DLL-file to your FastCAD or EasyCAD directory.

FastCAD and EasyCAD v7: Freeware plug-in
PKFree for FastCAD v7.50 and EasyCAD v7.50 and later is available at:
FastCAD and EasyCAD v6: Standard plug-ins
These are free to use with the 6.5x version.
Plug-in FastCAD EasyCAD Extra Last updated
Area32   2011-05-25
Cut32   2010-02-25
Dyn32   2012-11-30
Explode32   2010-02-25
File32   2010-04-11
Iso32   2010-02-25
Isoview   2010-02-25
Jpeg32   2010-02-25
Optima32 Extra 2010-02-25
Text32 Extra 2010-02-25
FastCAD and EasyCAD v6: Freeware plug-ins
Plug-in FastCAD EasyCAD Last updated
AttrBOM   2000-03-23
Backup 1999-03-29
BPrint 1999-03-27
Byt 2007-06-15
DMacro 1998-12-12
Freehand 2007-06-15
Group 1999-04-06
Layers 2007-06-15
MTrim 2007-06-15
MUtil 2012-12-27
RevCloud   2007-06-15
RevCloud (no menu)   2007-07-19
SheetAware   2008-11-11
Viewer v6 plug-ins
Plug-in Viewer License Last updated
File32 Standard 2007-06-15
Freehand Freeware 2007-06-15

Plug-ins for FastCAD DOS
PK DynEdit for DOS
10 KB

PK Text for DOS
11 KB

PK Secure for DOS
12 KB

PK File Manager for DOS
13 KB

These plug-ins are compressed in ZIP format. To install, unzip them into your FastCAD directory. To access the new commands, type them at the command prompt. Full details are contained in the html and text documents included with the compressed file.

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