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These freeware modules are all available "as is". Making them available as freeware is a way for us to share the work that won't turn up in our commercial modules (now free for all v6.5x users) in the near future. There is currently no development of the modules you see here.

You will find the Layers XP, a 1999 christmas gift to all FastCAD users, here

Download the freeware XPs here

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Freehand was created as test after Simon Rogers asked for a freehand drawing tool. The color shading was added when a friend of mine Marcus Andersson wanted to create boards for RoboRally (a game from Wizards of the Coast).

The module includes commands for a freehand tool and color shading of a box. You can set colors to fade between and type of shading.

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MUtil is an XP for selecting objects by type and other methods from the macro language.

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Group is a test of mine after John Dobbyns asked for a different grouping syntax on the FastCAD BBS.

The new commands will let you add objects to an existing group and to exclude objects from a group.

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Byt (swedish for change) was created for Alf Gruvö when he was stuck with 1500 drawings to convert. You might have use for this module as well when converting from other CAD-programs.

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BPrint - batch printing. There was a discussion on the FastCAD BBS if it was possible to do batch printing from macros. I tried to use DMarcro, but it wasn't that easy, so I "cheated" and wrote an XP for this.

BPrint let you select several files and prints them with their default settings.

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MTrim - multi trim, let you trim several entities at one time.

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Backup creates .BAK files every time you save a FastCAD drawing.

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DMacro is a test to drive dialog boxes from a macro. The module isn't easy to use and I only know of one person who use it - Lars-Gunnar Andersson.


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